--From: "Robert Anthony"
Subject: Aunt Polly - Siamber Wen
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 18:05:13 -0000
Hi Harry,

I have received printed copies of some of your contacts with Brian Mather brian@cilcain.demon.co.uk
From my wife’s aunty Barbara Hughes (nee Byrne). She and my wife’s mother Frances Williams (nee Byrne) have come up with this information about aunt Polly.

Aunty Polly (Polly is a nickname for Mary) came from the Nantwich area.

Aunty Polly first came to live with the Byrne family in 1921, at this time they farmed at Pen-y-Felin farm Nannerch. In 1929 they moved to Siamber Wen farm Cilcain where she stayed with them, except for a short holiday with her brother Herbert who lived in Prestatyn.

The Byrne family were very fond and respected her all the years she was with them. She helped Mrs. Byrne to bring up a family of eight children, who thought the world of her.

Her full name was Mary Elizabeth Parsonage, she died on September 14th 1950 aged 84 and is buried in the same grave as Ralph & Nance Byrne in Cilcain cemetery.

All the best

Robert Anthony