William Harold Parsonage, I was born in 1953 in St.Helens, Lancashire (it's now Merseyside but I prefer to say Lancashire). My parents used my middle name Harold and that was the name I went by at home, my school friends called me Haz (everyone's nickname ended in a "z", somehow), and Harold is usually shortened to Harry nowadays.

I grew up in Sutton where I went to the local C of E school. I went on to Cowley School and then to Nottingham University where I studied Metallurgy and Materials Science. I worked as a Corrosion Prevention engineer after leaving university. In 1980 I joined the Nottinghamshire Police and retired in 2010.

I married my wife Martina in Ardee, County Louth, Eire in 1984, and we have three children - Emily , Liam and Harry.

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